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IT Blogs » The IT Periodic-ally » Issue 9 - 1/17/19

Issue 9 - 1/17/19

News and Updates:
Buck The System (BTS) Schedule - We will be at Lincoln and then McKinley on January 23.  When will we be at your building?
 Kristen Solanot - 5 years   Elizabeth Gamache 15 years   Roger Tuttle
  • Congrats to Kristen Solano for being with the IT Department and School District for 5 years!
  • Congrats to Elizabeth Gamache for being with the IT Department and School District for 15 years!
  • Congrats to Roger Tuttle who was awarded as a Super Ninja by CCESPA!  The nominee only wrote, "Roger Tuttle. Nuff said." 

Infinite Campus News and Updates: 
Keep up to date on news for our district's Infinite Campus: 
A bunch of us are going to the Student Information Systems Conference 2019 later this month. We are ready to learn some new things!
How to Protect our Student Data - As staff, we are responsible for the student information we have access to. Please remember that we do not share data of a student with other students, parents or staff members who do not have access to this data. (such as behavior, safety, mental health, health, etc.) 
Also, when you leave your computer, please lock it and do not leave your password under your keyboard.
New School Year - We have already rolled CCHS into the 2019-2020 school year to get students scheduled for the next school year. Can you believe it?
Documents Upload - We are going to be sending out a document that highlights all the areas in Infinite Campus where documents can be loaded to a student and where certain documents need to be loaded. We recently began locking down the Person Docs tab in Infinite Campus that displays every document loaded into Infinite Campus due to the sensitivity of some of the documents attached to Safety and Mental Health Tabs. If you have questions about this, please let Elizabeth know.

What were we working on this week?
  • Hunter:  Wireless configs, Set up A+ training for IT Techs, Created deployment for lastest version of NetSupport, Active Directory computer clean-up
  • Elizabeth:  SQL script practicing and Microsoft Visual Studio - learning how to make some fun reports with sql scripts and data, Data Pipeline pulls for CDE, 2019 School year prep - Calendar and Courses, Kindergarten Roundup prep, Work orders, Website updating. 
  • Kristen: I am working on collecting staff agreements from new staff, transcripts for college students. 
  • Mike: Work orders. Documenting data transfers. Special projects from Project Echo and CCHS
  • Shaun:  E-rate filings - Form 471 Submissions, CCMS and WASH construction design work - network and technology implementations, WIDA testing support, CALET Pre-Conference planning and membership drive (outside of district work but also directly related), Mid-year Evals,Wireless bridge install for MVCK
  • Daniel: Schoology Training for new staff, Product/app review and testing, Reworking vetting process for Apps/Websites, Day-to-day troubleshooting with Instructions Tech programs
    Roger: I'm working on finding how much it cost to repair and maintain the the staff and student Chromebooks in the District (mostly at CCHS), so the District can determine the funding that will need to be set aside for next school year when additional Chromebooks are added to those that were purchased for this school year.
  • Chase:
  • Rachel: I am working on work orders and helping Dena with WIDA testing and stuff
  • Christina:   I have been working on clearing malware from staff devices and updating systems. 

Thanks for reading tech tips and our IT Periodically!
IT Department
Happy January!