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IT Blogs » The IT Periodic-ally » Issue 13 - 11/13/19

Issue 13 - 11/13/19

IT Periodic-ally - Issue 13 -  November 13, 2019
Tech tips from your wonderful IT Department:
  • Chromebook charging but won't turn on? Try holding the Refresh+Power keys at the same time for about 10-15 seconds. If it doesn't turn on after that take it to the Media Specialist and have them put in a work order on it.
  • IT Work Orders Reminder - Remember when you enter IT work orders to select IT and not Maintenance and Grounds. :)
  • Google Calendar - You can switch between day, week, month, and year view by pressing D, W, M, or Y. 
  • Gmail - Insert a TAB - To insert a "tab" character in Gmail (to shift a line or part of a line to the right), the TAB key won't  work. But ALT + 009  does!  

N E W S  AND  U P D A T E S:
Buck The System (BTS) Schedule
We will be at MVCKS on November 13, 2019 - TODAY!!!.  When will we be at your building?
Infinite Campus
   Upcoming Training
      • CCHS Teacher Training November 19th - all day
      • McKinley Teacher Training December 18th - all day
      • Lincoln Teacher Training December 10th - all day
      • Other Schools - Still TBD.
      • FREE CLASSES - Principal Seminar, Using Campus Community, Campus Learning for Teachers:
    1945 Release scheduled for November 15th 10:00 PM
    • Secretary Meeting December 20th at 2 pm - Admin
    Parchment - Transcript Services
We have contracted with Parchment for transcript services. Subscription Service for our current students will have endless ability to order their transcripts and all records in conjunction with the transcripts: meaning letters of recommendations and supplemental documents such as teacher records, school profile. All records mentioned have a "0" charge when ordering. As well as alumni transcripts.
Alumni Transactions - Alumni can also order, however they will be charged $15 per request.
Service District Records Management which means the following: Third Parties are allowed to request transcripts for Verifications and Employer/Graduation Verifications. We have started to set up access in Infinite Campus for etranscripts (still waiting on a few areas to be configured).
September Tech Tip Mystery Prize Winner:
Dorothy Day! She wins a $10 Gift Card to 16th Street Cafe. Congrats!
(How can you win a future prize? Keep reading tech tips...)

  • Hunter Dean-Moore: Upgrading phone system, Upgrading door security system, Upgrading Network monitoring system, Creating updated Windows image for CCHS Business Labs
  • Elizabeth Gamache: Work orders, End of Year Report Cross LEA Edits, Scheduling Teacher Training for Teachers in Infinite Campus, Pollinating tomato's in my window, Web Site to do's, CDE Town Hall Webinars, Security and Tool rights in Infinite Campus.
  • Kristen Solano: Webinar and training with Parchment, Meeting with rep from CIC, Still doing a lot of purchasing for various schools
    Imaging student records 
  • Mike Fry: I've been working on some attendance notification projects for the high school, dealing with quite a few new-quarter issues with the various classroom systems, and trying to learn to love my Chromebook. 
  • Shaun Kohl: 
  • Daniel Coppa: I am working on deploying Mobile Guardian to all MS and HS Staff as well as Elementary Technologists. I am also working on Board Policy and introducing the SAMR Model throughout the district.
  • Deanna Padilione: I've been working on blended learning training, specifically looking at the concept of gamification. We've started to develop a program that will award badges to staff as they continue to make progress in training and with blended learning. Badges should be coming soon!
  • Chase Welchlen: I am working on repairing devices still. Also, working with Dell to find a solution to the ongoing issue with the Student chromebooks this year that is causing them to flash a screen that says Applying Critical update rendering the device unusable.  Also, I am working on work orders as I have time.
  • Shaun Kohl: Erate Filings for Year 23 reimbursements, Security Camera Installations, Bond Construction Technology Equipment and low voltage wiring requirements, ClassLink student account provisioning and single-sign on, Old Windows Desktop Decommissioning Planning, CALET Winter Pre-Conference Planning, iLearn Collaborative Presentation Planning,  Access Control System integration into Security Camera System.
  • Mike Helfrich: Security Camera Project
  • Michael Hawver: 

Turkey Anatomy:
Email Elizabeth Gamache the correct Turkey Anatomy above for 1,2, 3,4, 5 and get your name entered to win a TURKEY!
May be a frozen turkey, or a turkey with feathers, maybe plush and squishy, plastic, may be Shaun (he's a turkey) or maybe an REAL LIVE turkey, .. your risk...not ours.