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Meet the Team

Welcome to the Technology Department
101 North 14th St. Canon City, CO 81212
Phone: 719-276-5700
Fax: 719-276-5739
Shaun Kohl: Director of Technology
Job description: The Big Chief, First of his name. Protector of the technology realm. He giveth and he taketh (well not really taketh).
Kristen Solano: District Records Custodian and Programming Asst.
Job description: Infinite Campus & Registration Helper/Records Keeper/Transcript Sender/Keeps the department in line ... SLAP SLAP SLAP ... Jellybean anyone?
Hunter Dean-Moore: IT Systems Manager
Job description: Coordinator of all things technology and stuff ... a.k.a. Technology Admiral (salute)
Rachel Arsanault: Technology Specialist
Job description: Hardware/Software/Networking/Technology Problem Solving Super Girl ... a.k.a. Whiplash
Chase Welchen: Technology Specialist 
Job description:  Hardware/Software/Networking/Technology/Problem Solving Super Man ... a.k.a. Rain Man
Roger Tuttle: Technology Specialist
Job description: Technology Master, Yoda of Technology. (Bow)
E. Gamache: IT Software Administrator
Job description: WebMaster/Infinite Campus Administrator/State Reporting Data Submitter/Online Registration/Social Media Keeper/Master Photoshopper. Beware.
Mike Fry: Database Management
Job description: Programming nerd/Software Warrior/Ipad Lord/Data Fencing Expert/Science Kit Circus Ringmaster/Reptile tamer/Mr. FixitFry
Pic coming soon
Dan Coppa: Honorary IT Nomad with Instructional Technology
Job description: coming soon.....

Pic coming soon
Christina Alford: IT Tech Specialist
Job description:  Hardware/Software/Networking/Technology/Problem Solving...much more to come!
Canon City Schools IT Department is committed to serving students and staff. Having technology skills has become increasingly important in the 21st century. Using Technology has become a critical component of our day-to-day lives. Knowing this, we strive to provide up to date, high quality technology and technology services for our students and staff.

Canon City Schools IT Department consists of 10  wonderful individuals. Each person in the IT Department is very dedicated, compassionate, and driven to enhance and support the district's educational technology initiatives.

Technology is not only about computers and the Internet. Technology is about people and building relationships to help them to learn and become successful using technology as a tool for their success. Most importantly, for us, it is about students and giving them the best education possible and the tools they need to succeed.