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IT Blogs » The IT Periodic-ally » Issue 10 - 2/13/18

Issue 10 - 2/13/18

IT Periodic-ally - Issue 10 -  February 12, 2019
This week's Tech Tips:
- DocHub Chrome Extension for Fillable PDF's to use on Chromebook
- Check out these new Campus Instruction Study Guides - 
You must have a Campus Community Account to access these areas
Campus Instruction is designed to provide teachers with all of the tools needed to effectively manage classrooms and instruction. Some of the basic features include: managing daily tasks, defining account settings, viewing the roster, creating seating charts, taking attendance and sending class messages.
The Grade Book allows teachers to create assignments and enter scores for students assigned to their course sections. Additionally, the Grade Book provides a visual representation of student performance. This Study Guide will help you learn how to set up, navigate and begin utilizing the Grade Book.
Campus Grade Book allows teachers to enter assignment scores and track student progress. This Study Guide will build off the basics of Grade Book and provide instruction on advanced Grade Book setup and filtering, analyzing student performance, posting student grades, and generating Campus Instruction reports.
Campus Learning, an enhancement to Campus Instruction, is the Infinite Campus learning management system (LMS) that connects teachers to new, powerful tools for digital learning. Licenses to Campus Learning can be purchased at a district, school, or individual teacher level. Teachers are welcome to visit Campus Learning Home for more information.
News and Updates:
Buck The System (BTS) Schedule - We will be at CCMS and then Washington on February 13.  When will we be at your building?

Infinite Campus News and Updates: 
Keep up to date on news for our district's Infinite Campus: 
How to Protect our Student Data - As staff, we are responsible for the student information we have access to. Please remember that we do not share data of a student with other students, parents or staff members who do not have access to this data. (such as behavior, safety, mental health, health, etc.) 
Also, when you leave your computer, please lock it and do not leave your password under your keyboard.
New School Year - We have already rolled CCHS and Middle school 8th graders into the 2019-2020 school year to get students scheduled for the next school year. Can you believe it?
Documents Upload - We are going to be sending out a document that highlights all the areas in Infinite Campus where documents can be loaded to a student and where certain documents need to be loaded. We recently began locking down the Person Docs tab in Infinite Campus that displays every document loaded into Infinite Campus due to the sensitivity of some of the documents attached to Safety and Mental Health Tabs. If you have questions about this, please let Elizabeth know.

What were we working on this week?
  • Hunter:  Raspberry Pi replacement for Chromecasts, Various SCCM maintenance tasks
  • Elizabeth:  Work orders for Infinite Campus, Kindergarten Roundup - (Online Registration, Website, Flyer Advertisement), Next Year Infinite Campus, Data Cleanup, MySQL Scripting and Microsoft Visual Studio Report playing.
  • Kristen:  Updating quotes on IT website, Added Resources Tab (Helpful links for Retaining Records & Colorado State Archives) for secretaries on the IT website. Ordered 70" TVs for elementary and middle schools & Clevertouch for Lincoln, Speaking to staff about using My Drive.
  • Mike: setting up the report server, setting up some specialized reports for the Transportation department, figuring out crafty ways of outwitting EasyBridge, and, of course


    Mix Tape


    which I think we should be giving away/providing links to because -- clearly -- IT has a much more refined and discerning music sense than everyone else in the CCS universe
  • Shaun: E-rate filings., ECHO Database consultant acquisition, Board Room Tech RFP, iLearn Conference presentation, Mobile Tech planning, Student account creation / modification process,  A hot new dance craze called the "pit sniff"
  • Daniel: ?
  • Roger: ?
  • Chase: Printer issues and work orders as they come in
  • Rachel: apparently it is apparent that she is not working on anything.
  • Christina:  ?



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