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IT Blogs » The IT Periodic-ally » Issue 3 - 9/20/18

Issue 3 - 9/20/18

IT Periodic-ally - Issue 3 - September 20, 2018
This weeks Tech Tips:
 - Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System to be Conducted on September 20, 2018 to cell phones Click here for information about this on the FEMA website
News and Updates:
Google Mail Update - Just a quick heads up. On October 16th, Google will be automatically updating the look and feel of Google Mail for everyone. You can change it now if you want to get a jump start with using the new interface. There are some really good new features with the new Google Mail system. Here is the link to the info if you are interested.
If you want to change to the new Google Mail format, do the following.
1. After logging into Gmail, in the upper right of your screen, click the gear icon. Gear
2. Click in "Try The New Gmail"

If you got a pop up for AdBlock, don't be alarmed. It is not a virus, the IT Department pushed this out.
We have deployed an extension to all Chromebooks called Adblock. This extension It will also install in the Chrome Browser of Windows devices. It does just what it says, blocks ads. It doesn't block every single one, but it does block the vast majority. When it installs, it will most likley open another tab and take you to a page asking for a payment. You can close this as it is a free extension. They just ask for a contribution. Feel free to give one if you want as this is actually a very good extension.  
Infinite Campus News and Updates: 
- Meeting with CIC Rep: On 9/17 our team was able to meet with our CIC rep for Infinite Campus, Greg Stimack. We were able to go over some of the problems that we have been having and that have not been resolved. Here is an update on the problems and where we are on them:
RESOLVED - A HUGE THANK YOU to MIKE FRY!Infinite Campus Custom Tabs - Teacher Documentation/Safety/Mental Health: Issue with data saving custom boxes and errors. 
- Campus Portal App not working for students and parents. We are still waiting for Infinite Campus support help on this matter. Parents and students can log into portal using a browser, app does not work. (browser works on phone, computer, laptop, chromebook etc.)
- Infinite CampusCustom SPED Restraint and Seclusion Report - Not working, we are getting an error and are waiting for support to fix this.
- Gradebook slownessThere have been reports of the gradebook being slow when opening. This is a bug. The work-around is for the teacher to refresh the grade book using the browser refresh or navigate to a different tool (Roster) and then back to grade book. 
Infinite Campus Outages/Slowness and Freezing - DDoS Attacks - Infinite Campus Outages - Message from Infinite Campus: September 19, 2018 UPDATE: We are still under a series of DDoS attacks.
Due to the complexity and severity of the DDoS attacks, Infinite Campus had to place our entire address space into full mitigation mode on Monday evening. This means that all traffic destined for Infinite Campus is being routed through our carrier’s DDoS mitigation scrubbers. During this time, you may experience latency issues due to the mitigation. The mitigation will remain until we are confident the attacks have ceased. We have whitelisted all services Infinite Campus provides and continue to work with districts individually to ensure needs are met.
At this time, we have resolved all web access and authentication issues and will continue to address one-off issues as they arise.
There have been multiple reports regarding uploads failing (e.g., POS transactions, CDR, and Pictures). These issues should be resolved. If you have an open case, please test it at this time, and let us know via the case if you are successful or need further assistance.
If you continue to experience intermittent outages, severe latency, or any other issue that hasn’t been reported, please open a case and we will work on addressing the impact as quickly as possible. We will provide a complete write-up once all issues have been addressed.
What are we working on?
SOP 828A - Student Cumulative Record Maintenance Guideline. BTS schedule will be out in next weeks Tech Tips.on wifi access points.
Oct Count Data Prep, Finalizing End of Year Report, Interstate Photos, Work orders
Working on server maintenance, surveillance cameras, firmware upgrades on wifi access points.
Have a great weekend!
IT Department
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