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IT Blogs » The IT Periodic-ally » Issue 2 - 9/14/18

Issue 2 - 9/14/18

IT Periodic-ally - Issue 2 - September 14, 2018
This weeks Tech Tips:
1. User Account Expectations
Never share your password, not even with subs.
Do not leave your computer or Infinite Campus logged in when you walk away from your computer (students or other people can see or access information that is not for them to see)
Be Responsible with your account. Do not leave your password under you computer keyboard.
Substitutes should not access your Windows, Google or Infinite Campus account. Long term subs will be given their own account information.
2. Infinite Campus News - Keep up to date on the latest Infinite Campus news by visiting the Infinite Campus help website we have created for our district.
3. IT Department Website - Keep up to date with problems and alerts, check out our help pages! Know when our IT Staff our out by checking the IT Calendar. (must log in)
4. Did you know you can purchase Tech for Home? 
As a Canon City Schools district employee, you can take advantage of buying technology at a discount. The listed vendors can get you what you want at the educational pricing discount they offer to the district. Happy Shopping!
Welcome Daniel Coppa to the Technology Team!
 Dan Coppa
What did you do before you became part of the IT team?
I was a Social Studies teacher at CCHS

What is your favorite part about technology and working for Canon City Schools?:
I love how technology allows us to connect with others and how it challenges us to continually work on our problem solving skills. I love working for Cañon City Schools because of the people I get to work with.  Read more about Daniel...
News and Updates:
- If you got a pop up for AdBlock, don't be alarmed. It is not a virus, the IT Department pushed this out.
We have deployed an extension to all Chromebooks called Adblock. This extension It will also install in the Chrome Browser of Windows devices. It does just what it says, blocks ads. It doesn't block every single one, but it does block the vast majority. When it installs, it will most likley open another tab and take you to a page asking for a payment. You can close this as it is a free extension. They just ask for a contribution. Feel free to give one if you want as this is actually a very good extension.  
Infinite Campus News and Updates: 
- Gradebook slowness - There have been reports of the gradebook being slow when opening. This is a bug. The work-around is for the teacher to refresh the grade book using the browser refresh or navigate to a different tool (Roster) and then back to grade book. 
- Campus Portal App not working for students and parents. We are still waiting for Infinite Campus support help on this matter. Parents and students can log into portal using a browser, app does not work. (browser works on phone, computer, laptop, chromebook etc.)
Infinite Campus Custom Tabs - Teacher Documentation/Safety/Mental Health: There is still an issue with saving in these custom boxes. Users get an error, but if they refresh the entry is there. Only a couple boxes work. We are working with support to help us get this resolved.
- Infinite CampusCustom SPED Restraint and Seclusion Report - Not working, we are getting an error and are waiting for support to fix this.
What are we working on?
Rachel: Every problem in the world.
Purchasing tech, education verification requests, transcripts for college kids, BTS schedule, working on a resource webpage for records. 
Oct Count Data Prep, Finalizing End of Year Report, Interstate Photos, Assessment Data Imports, Infinite Campus and Schoology problems. 
Working on deploying printers and copiers to Chromebooks for staff and students. Fine tuning Chromecast connections. 
Have a great weekend!
IT Department
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