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Current Release Notes
Most recent release:
Release Release 1821/2 scheduled for 6/1 9:00 pm: (posted 5/31/18) -  Click here for full release notes

State Reporting: Colorado

Colorado - VE-135 Extract - Student Completers ( SIS-109248 )

The VE-135 Report was not correctly reporting a student's Vocational Education status when there were multiple records. This has been corrected.

The student's latest vocational education record for the school year selected on the extract editor reports when the student has multiple vocational education records with the same name active in the same school year. When a student has multiple vocation education records with different names, all records report.

Article: VE-135 File (Colorado)

Path: CO State Reporting > VE-135 File


Colorado - SCED Codes ( SIS-114021 )

Several new SCED Codes and SCED Subject Area fields have been updated to SCED 4.0 standards.

Article: Standard Course Code Extract (Colorado)

Path: Scheduling > Courses > Course Info > NCES Data; CO State Reporting > Standard Course Code Extract



Course Information Added to Query Wizard ( SIS-87373 [Enhancement] 

Two new options have been added to the Query Wizard as part of the Course Section Data Type.

  • Standards (Course/Section > Grading Task Credit > Standards). This includes fields available on Course Standards tab (and Course Masters Standards).
  • Composite Grading (Course/Section > Grading Task Credit > Composite Grading)

The Grading Task Credit folder only lists grading task related fields. The Standards folder only pulls standards associated with a course.

Existing filters that pulled grading task information from the Grading Task Credit folder may need to be modified if those filters included both grading tasks and standards.

Article: Grade Calc OptionsStandards 

Path: Ad hoc Reporting > Filter Designer > Query Designer


Ad hoc Reporting - Calendar Selection on Filter Designer, Data Viewer and Data Export ( SIS-110471 [Enhancement]

A calendar can now be selected when generating saved filters from the Filter Designer, Data Viewer and Data Export tools. Calendars can be selected for the following filter types:

  • Student and Course/Section Data Types created in the Query Wizard
  • Student and Course/Section Pass-Through Queries
  • Student and Course/Section Data Viewer reports
  • Student and Course/Section Query Wizard reports generated in Data Export
  • Student and Course/Section Pass-Through Queries generated in Data Export

This calendar selection functions like other reports that allow the selection of calendars. Only calendars to which the user has calendar rights are listed for selection. The calendar selected in the Campus toolbar is automatically selected.

Article: Data ExportQuery WizardPass-Through SQL QueryData Viewer

Path: Ad hoc Reporting > Filter Designer, Data Viewer, Data Export


Ad hoc Reporting - Formatted HTML Display ( SIS-114923 [Enhancement] 

HTML reports generated in Ad hoc Reporting can now be displayed in an updated HTML view, where the columns can be sorted, filtered, grouped, reordered or hidden. Users also have the option to export the information to Excel or to PDF.

This new HTML table displays when using the Test or Save & Test button on the Filter Designer. All other report generation options still display the previous HTML table.

Article: N/A

Path: Ad hoc Reporting > Filter Designer, Data Viewer


Ad hoc Reporting - Course/Section Data Type Available Fields ( SIS-115802 [Enhancement] 

Users can now create a filter using the Course/Section data type that includes the Active checkbox on the Course Info tab.

This addition modified the v_CourseInfo view, which previously only returned active courses. It now returns both active and inactive courses. This change affects any existing course filter, which will need to be reviewed and potentially modified to include this Active option and set the parameters to =TRUE.

Article: Course (Scheduling)

Path: Ad hoc Reporting > Filter Designer/Data Viewer > Course/Section Data Type


Google Drive Integration Update ( SIS-115896 [Enhancement] 

Previously, some districts were receiving a User Rate Limit Exceeded error when trying to upload submissions using Google Drive integration. This has been corrected.

Article(s): Google Drive Integration

Path: System Administration > Campus Learning > Google Drive


Campus Learning Licensing ( SIS-116105 [Enhancement] 

A new Campus Learning Licensing tool has been added to System Administration. This tool allows administrators to review current Campus Learning licenses in their schools and request additional licenses. Licenses can be requested for a district or by school. An estimate of the yearly cost of the selected license displays in the bottom right of the screen; contact Campus Sales for more information.

When a license is requested, a 45-day provisional license begins for the selected district or school(s). Admins must update User Group tool rights to give their teachers access to Campus Learning tools if they have not already done so during the 2017-18 free trial. Visit for more information about the Campus Learning offering.

This case also includes a minor change to Campus Instruction tool rights. Tool rights for Drafts, Individualized assignments and individual LMS integrations (such as Google Drive or Naiku) are now sorted under a new "Enhanced Curriculum Editor" tool right.

Article(s): Campus Learning LicensingWhat is Campus Learning?

Path: System Administration > Campus Learning > Campus Learning Licensing


Campus Learning - Viewing Google Drive Submissions - Open Beta ( SIS-116260 [Enhancement] 

A new tool for viewing student submissions has been added to the Campus Learning offering. Teachers can click View Submissions from the Scoring editor or Score in the Control Center to view student submissions linked to assignments that have Google Drive enabled. Teachers view submissions in a simple Google Drive editor, page through submissions in a single view, and enter scores as they go.

This tool is currently in an open beta testing period and will be expanded in upcoming releases. Currently, this tool can only be used to view and score a single file per student, aligned to a single grading task, and scored with points.

Article(s): View Google Drive Submissions

Path: Through the Control Center, scoring modals, and Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Expand Assignment > View Submissions


Campus Student/Parent - Expand Grades Screen by Default ( SIS-116191 [Enhancement] 

The Campus Student and Campus Parent Portals have been updated so that in the Grades screen, courses display as expanded by default to make it easier for parents to scan grades.

Article(s): Campus StudentCampus Parent

Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent > Grades


Address Physical Checkbox ( SIS-88534 [Enhancement] 

A Physical checkbox has been added to the Household Address and to the Address Household editor. When marked, the address is considered the household's physical location. This data can be used in an AdHoc filter.

Article: Addresses (Households)

Path: Census > Households > Address


Federal Chronic Absenteeism ( SIS-109565 [Enhancement] 

New attendance tools have been added that make it easier to determine student's status of being considered chronically absent.

With this update, a quartz job runs on every Infinite Campus database (scheduled to occur daily at 3:45am) that aggregates entered attendance data from the day before. Results of the quartz job are organized in such a way that for each student enrolled, a principal or counselor can view at a glance if that student meets the definition of being chronically absent (misses 10% or more of school days during the year for students who are scheduled into courses a minimum of 10 days). This tally displays on the Student Attendance tab. It only displays when tool rights are assigned.

The Attendance Aggregation Refresh tool (new!) can be used to process attendance and/or section roster edits that may not have been captured with the overnight quartz job. This includes edits to data that the quartz job does not process (see articles listed below for details), so this refresh might be necessary for up to the minute data.

The Attendance Aggregation Preferences tool (new!) displays the available attendance summary options that can be used to calculate chronic absentee information. The views used here have also been added to Ad hoc Reporting tools. This tool is not available in Montana.

Article: Attendance Aggregation Refresh; Attendance Aggregation PreferencesStudent Attendance

Path: System Administration > Attendance > Attendance Aggregation Refresh, Attendance Aggregation Preferences; Student Information > General > Attendance


New Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Setup Tool ( SIS-114615 [Enhancement] 

The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Setup tool allows districts and schools to begin creating CRDC category mappings for grade levels, courses and for students that belong in each of the IDEA/504/EL/EL Program subgroups for the defined reporting period (Part 1 vs Part 2).

Additional CRDC tools used for generating, viewing, and maintaining CRDC results based off the category mappings will be introduced in future releases.

Articles: Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Quick Start GuideCivil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) SetupCRDC Search OptionsCRDC – Ad Hoc Filters for Populating Category Mappings

Path: Federal Reporting > Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) > Setup


Custom Forms Updates ( SIS-114469 [Enhancement] 

Previously, the Active checkbox was used to designate if a Custom Form was available for use by teachers and case managers to fill out for students. With this update, Start Date and End Date fields have been added to designate when a form is active and available for use. The Active checkbox has been removed. All existing, active forms have been given a Start Date of 01/01/1901 to ensure no current forms are deactivated with this change. All existing, deactivated forms have been given a Start Date of 01/01/1901 and an End date of 01/01/1901. Forms can now be filtered on the list screen by Start and End Date to find forms quickly.

Another update to custom forms includes changes to the Choose File functionality. Previously, users could upload another PDF file to an existing custom form document by clicking Choose File and all existing custom forms would be deactivated. Now when a PDF file is uploaded over an existing file, the existing forms are no longer deactivated. Uploading a PDF file to an existing custom form creates a copy of the existing form and adds the date and timestamp the PDF was uploaded appended at the end of the form name.

Article: Custom Forms (Counseling)Custom Forms (Health)Custom Forms (ILPA)Custom Forms (PLP)Custom Forms (Special Ed)

Path: System Administration > Module > Custom Forms


Editing Pushed Categories ( SIS-115699 [Enhancement] 

Previously, teachers were unable to edit categories that had been pushed from a Course or Course Master. Logic has been updated so that pushed categories can be edited if Categories are unlocked at the Course Catalog level.

Article(s): Establishing CategoriesCategories (Course Masters)Categories (Scheduling)

Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Categories


Health Office Visits Update ( SIS-112680 [Enhancement] 

An issue with the Recorded By dropdown on the Medications, Dose Reduction, Refill, and Health Office Visits editors not displaying the active staff correctly has been resolved.

Article: Health Office VisitsMedications

Path: Student Information > Health > Medications/Health Office Visits


Scheduling Reports - Submit to Batch Option ( SIS-110844 [Enhancement] 

The following Scheduling Reports now include a Submit to Batch option for generation of the report.

Article: Reports (Scheduling)

Path: Scheduling > Reports


Counseling Schedule Tab ( SIS-114971 [Enhancement] 

The following modifications have been made to the new Schedule tab available in the Student Information Counseling toolset:

  • Skinnied courses now sort correctly.
  • Responsive courses now display correctly.
  • A report of all courses now displays responsive courses correctly.

Article: Schedule (Counseling)

Path: Student Information > Counseling > General > Schedule

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Release 1705.1 scheduled for 1/7/17 8:00 pm: (posted 2/2/17) 
Release 1649.3 scheduled for 12/15/16 11:00 pm: (posted 12/13/16) 
Release 1645.5 scheduled for 11/17/16 9:00 PM: (posted 11/15/16)
Release 1645.3 scheduled for 11/11/16 9:00 PM: (posted 11/11/16)
Release 1641.5 scheduled for 10/27/16 8:30 PM: (posted 10/26/16) 
Release 1637 scheduled for 9/12/16 8:00 PM: (posted 9/12/16)
Release 1633 scheduled for 8/25/16 8:00 PM: (posted 8/23/16)