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Infinite Campus News

July 2019
Infinite Campus News and Updates: 
With Campus 1929.3 (Scheduled for 7/26/19) The following Enhancement is being added for Colorado:
Localization - Colorado
Colorado - 2019-20 Data Pipeline Extracts (SIS-127568)

Data Pipeline reporting requirements for the 2019-20 school year have been made, as follows:
        • AP Category codes have been updated.
        • State Start Status 06 has been renamed to PK-6 Student Entering from Unknown Education
        • State End Status 06 has been renamed to PK-6 Student Exited to Unknown Education

A new version (2019-2020 Format) of the Student Interchange Student Demographics report is now
available. This is the same format and logic requirements as the 2018-19 format. The 2017-18 format has
been removed.

A new version (2019-2020 Format) of the Student Interchange Student School Association is now
available. New fields (listed below) have been added. The 2017-18 format has been removed.
        • Total Days Attendance
        • Total Days Excused
        • Total Days Unexcused
        • Total Possible Attendance Days
        • Habitually Truant Status
Campus 1929 The following Enhancement's have been added...and many more...
Schedule Tab: Walk In Scheduler / Counseling Schedule Tab
The update last week changed the look and feel and also added some new functions.  
Here is the updated documentation for Walk in Scheduler.
Infinite Campus Messenger 
Do you have rights to view other calendars? Please make sure that when you send a message via Messenger that you are in the correct school and year so other schools and students do not receive your message. The IT Department was able to check with Support on this matter to see see if there is a way to prevent this from happening. We were hoping there would be a way prevent users from sending messages that have view only access to, there is not a way. We did have our case attached to an IDEA Enhancement request that has been created by other districts wanting the same solution. 
State Reporting - Secretaries
New website on SPECTRUM for secretaries to refer to on what is needed from the STATE and from our DISTRICT for state reporting needs.

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