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Things to do before you leave for the summer

FILE BACKUPS: as always, BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR FILES FROM YOUR WINDOWS COMPUTER BEFORE LEAVING THIS SUMMER!!!  CHROMEBOOKS DON'T NEED TO BE BACKED UP!!!  If you have all of your files saved to Google Drive or do everything solely on a Chromebook and have nothing on a Windows computer, then you are already good to go.  If you have any files on your Windows computer desktop or in your Windows computer "My Documents" folder, then you will need to back them up.  IT will not be responsible for any lost files or folders that have not been backed up from your Windows computer!!
   1.  On your Windows computer, setup Google Drive File Stream.  (Click here for document on how to setup Google Drive File Stream).  If you have problems, please submit a work order to IT and we will come by and help.
   2.  On your Windows computer, open the District Icons folder on your desktop and double click the "Backup To GOOGLE" icon (NOTE: picture, music, and video files will not be backed up with this process and you must copy them off to a USB thumb drive or to your Google Drive separately.  Also, if you have any specialized software installed on your computer that maintains and tracks data, you will also need to back that up to an external device as well.)  
IT will be re-imaging all existing Windows staff and student computers (luckily Chromebooks don't need to be backed up) this summer so any files left on staff and student machines and not backed up by staff will be sent to computer heaven and IT will not be able to retrieve them.  Hunter and team will be working with building folks still using Windows computers next year to get specific software needs / requests so that they can set the computers up as best as they can before school starts.
P: AND Z: DRIVES:  All P: drives for both staff and students will be moved to Google Team Drives this summer.  Content in all staff and student Z: drives will also need to be moved to your Google Drive prior to summer.  Click here on how to move your Z: drive files to Google Drive.  
Please notify secondary students to copy anything they have in the Z: drive over to their Google Drive if they need those files for next year (feel free to share the How 2 document with students if necessary.  They will need to follow Method 2 of the document).  
For elementary students or students that have credible trouble with using tech, please notify IT with a list of any and all students that need help moving their student Z: drive content to their respective Google Drives over the summer.  Please take consideration to students who absolutely need files moved vs. those where students won't need files for next year just so we can be mindful of what is necessary.
We have already moved P: drives for CCHS, McKinley, and Admin earlier this year and has gone pretty well.  For folks that will still be using Windows computers, the Google File Stream application will allow you to access all of your Google Drive and Team Drive files through the computer the same way as you have used Z: and P: drives.  The only difference is you will access your files through a G: drive instead of Z: or P:.  It will not affect MS Office and other files that are moved and will still function in the same way with MS Office via the G: drive.  Again, as of this summer, P: drives and Z: drives will be a thing of the past.
STAFF CHROMEBOOKS:  There is no need for staff to have to turn in Chromebooks.  We actually encourage staff to continue to use the Chromebooks over the summer to prep for courses in the fall if need be.  Also, if you are only using a Chromebook and no longer using a Windows computer, you have no need to have to back anything up and they won't need to be reimaged like the Windows computers.  ONLY STUDENTS WILL TURN IN CHROMEBOOKS AT END OF YEAR.
SCHOOLOGY:  If you are using Schoology, be sure to copy all of your courses to resources.  By doing this, you won't have to search next year in the archive section to transfer the courses you have created into next years active courses.  Dan Coppa will also be working with you to communicate this and help with those that have questions.
Sorry for the book but these are all important items and just want to make sure folks are fully aware of the changes before leaving.